Master Restoration

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This program Supports Energetic Information Signature activity for every organ & organ system of the body.


Intention: The Master Restoration Patch is programmed with the Master Restoration Information Signatures Platform and provides restorative frequencies for the entire body. This is an essential therapy in a complete healing program and contains pre-cursor information for every organ & organ system of the body. 100% of patients test for this complementary therapy patients recover faster & more completely.


Research results: Doctors and practitioners working with Advanced Energy Products have reported that they find this to be a very successful program.


Application: Place on the left shoulder, wear 24/7 and change patch every three days. Use as long as needed; this can be a three to six month program. Once a satisfactory level of health has been accomplished, try wearing one patch for three days each week for as long as needed; then wear one patch for three days every two weeks. When full health has been restored the Master Restoration Patches can be worn for one month once or twice a year as a Health Maintenance Program.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review