Energy and Alertness

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Energy and Alertness


Alertness, Concentration, Focus, Low Energy.


Intended UseIncrease Alertness, Concentration, Focus, and Energy.  The Energy and Alertness patch has been programmed with frequencies to raise the energy and alertness levels. This is an important and effective patch as most people lose energy in the afternoon. It provides a second wind to the body.


Sleepy drivers are involved in more car accidents than Alcohol related accidents. If you drive somewhere at night for over 45 minutes, put on this patch to make sure you don’t fall asleep. It is great for truck drivers, taxi drivers, etc. When truck drivers use caffeine and ephedra products they can’t relax and get proper rest when they reach their destination because they are revved up by chemicals. When they use the Energy and Alertness patch, its effect goes away 5 minutes after they take off the patch.


Research results: There are over 100 thousand accidents each year caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

Advanced Energy Products has also studied athletes for improved stamina. (See the new Athletic Training Support Patch!) 


Application: Place on the left shoulder as needed, replace every three days.  Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review