BedTime Rejuvenate 300gs Seals

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The five seals last SIX months and are placed on the mattress to aid and restore the body's energetic function.


Intention: To maintain and support an effortless therapy system for natural healing. Research has found that by attaching (5) BedTime Rejuvenate seals to the mattress, your body receives balanced magnetic field information while sleeping, which encourages better cell reproduction for increased healing and rejuvenation. The BedTime Rejuvenate seals will last for six months, and have been programmed with Master Healing information that your body translates into healing energy. The seals also contain detoxifiers, stress relievers, and our Anti-Aging therapy, as well as Resveratrol energetics.


Suggested Application: Attach (4) BedTime Rejuvenation seals on each corner of your mattress and (1) in the middle, per person. Change every SIX months. If two people share the same bed, 10 seals are needed on one bed. Each Packet contains five seals. Replace with new seals every six months.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review