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Pest-Free: Natural Parasite Cleanse


There are certain devastations that strike life, and there are some that are unavoidable. We of the Pat Lee Group are one of the roots of health in our clients, and when it is possible to cause good health and avoid problems that would strike we do everything we can to prevent what would be unpleasant or hazardous.

One such peril belongs to the risk of parasites. Foreign bodies invading our own is an unpleasant thought and an even more unpleasant experience. Fortunately, we of the Pat Lee Group offer ways to remove and prevent the irksome or abhorrent experience with our natural remedies and cleanses.

Such natural parasite cleanse methods include:

-Black Walnut Extract (available in 20oz)

-Fresh-ground cloves

-Wormwood Complex

-Our Parasite Cleanse Kit (with free shipping applied in the U.S.)

Harsh chemical remedies are harmful to the parasite, but they can also damage the user. Our remedies are effective in the removal of parasites, but unlike possibilities with chemicals (effective poisons) we remain more surgical and helpful to our customers.

We care about our customers. We offer hormone balancing agents, natural health supplements, and varieties of essential oils that are all designed to help our clients. If you find that you are in need of removal or prevention of a parasite, we of the Pat Lee Group can help you. Ordering from our website today could mean the removal of a pest or parasite shortly thereafter.

For your help and for your health, we are the Pat Lee Group.