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You Are What You Apply: Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Natural Health Supplements


We have all heard the age-old saying from wizened mothers and sage grandmothers that we are what we eat. We of the Pat Lee Group have taken that both to heart and a step further: what we put on and in our bodies matters, and there is no reason why we should settle for something with a list of cautions so long that they cannot sum it up in one word.

The truth is that prescriptions are of such long strings of unnatural chemical compounds that they can (and often are) poisonous to the body. There is another solution, though, and we offer it: natural health supplement.

Aside from being as straightforward as the name implies, natural health supplements act as simply as they sound. When our products say “parasite cleansing”, they don’t come with the qualifying warning label or the advisory stickers that go on for miles. Why? Because of their natural elements, their usage and dosage instructions are simple and easy.

When you need hormone balancers, find the ones that balance your hormones without moving other hormones out of alignment. When you are looking for aromatics to help your health, then our Essential Oils are essentially the end of your search.

We at the Pat Lee Group are here to help. We work hard to find things that will help your health so that whatever you choose to put into your body will leave you just as naturally good as you were when you came to us.